What is this?

Discord+ is a theme for Discord. It's both sleek and customizable, without getting in your way. Its top priority is balancing between looks and performance.

All you need to install my theme is BetterDiscord or Powercord. If you already have either, you're ready to install my theme!

All you need to install my theme is a supported computer with Discord and BetterDiscord or Powercord installed.

User customization

This theme is very customizable. The variables in the theme file allow you to change many things, including but not limited to:

  • Background image
  • Accent color
  • Up to three fonts
  • Home icon
  • Background cover colors
  • UI corner roundness
  • Overall spacing

If customizing the theme is difficult, our server has a detailed FAQ with answers to common questions! If that still doesn't solve your problem, we're usually available in #support.


Download from GitHub

Disclaimer: This project is not affiliated with Discord or discord.com in any way.

is a passion project by Insta.
I just really like CSS.